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A band of School of Rock students recorded Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen at Rax Trax Studios in Chicago, IL while on tour this past summer. With over 200 locations worldwide, School of Rock is the largest music education company in the world. Each year tens of thousands of kids take their very first music lesson and within months perform in a real rock concert, at a real venue. Our unique performance-based curriculum pushes students to develop in-depth musical skills through individual instruction, rehearsals, and performances with fellow students. With programs suited for any age or skill level, we can help your child become a great musician. Sign up for a free lesson today → --- CAST Vocals: Hayden - 14 Guitars: Rodrigo - 13 Evan - 16 Fabrizio - 16 Bass: Jacob - 16 Drums: Joshua - 17 Background Vocals: Fabian - 18 Shawnee - 17 Anna - 15 Anais - 14 Sophie - 16 Ava - 15 "Fat Bottomed Girls" from the album Jazz, by Queen, 1978 Recorded at RaxTrax Recording in Chicago, IL